Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ไซอิ๋ว ลุยสวาท

Please find the English title for this film.


  1. Hi, I thought it's very alike to Monkey War you uploaded in the past.

    Here I found the "Monkey War" cover art with the Thai title.
    I can't read the Thai language, so you can check it out!

    By the way, do you happen to know where and what these places are?
    Three in all, and they are from "King Boxer" shot in Thailand in early 70's..

    Picture #1
    It reads "Nakornping Stadium". I wonder if it really exists or it was just the film set...

    Picture #2
    They walk from "Nakornping Stadium" to this Chedi.
    First I thought it was Wat Arun, but it seems to be different.

    Picture #3
    And they finally walk to this "modern temple". (It's the composite out of several pictures.)

    If you know anything about these places, please let me know, thanks!!!!!

  2. "Monkey War" cover art - http://zennposters.blogspot.com/2014/03/monkey-war-sun-wu-kong-da-zhan-fei-ren.html